"Strategy is about making choices…it's about deliberately choosing to be different" Michael Porter

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The cumulative experience of hundreds of clients, organizations, and companies, entrepreneurs and businesses lead to one clear conclusion: most clients are confused about the objectives or the importance of strategy.

The increase in digital marketing channels, where dynamic change is the only constant, requires the adoption of new management methods. Cutting-edge platforms, portals, blogs, index websites, and applications spring up like mushrooms after the rain. An enormous range of marketers and digital marketing companies offer the endless confusing range of services and solutions.
All these leave the client dazed and confused, faced with a limitless world of digital marketing options.

The current reality causes many companies and organizations to invest a substantial budget in digital media without any real proof of efficacy. Digital media is becoming a mere branding tool, just another marketing channel….and is losing its uniqueness and its relative advantage over traditional marketing channels. Analysis of the digital activities of dozens of companies and organizations implementing wide-scale channels, presents a gloomy situation.
Organizations are investing in digital budgets in activities characterized by a low level of success, failing to reach the target audience.

A strategic development process comprises the analysis and monitoring of structures, people and ideas. At its core, the strategy will include an analysis of the market potential, competitiveness, added values, and relative advantages. However, the effective consolidation of a marketing strategy will weigh digital marketing channels, effective management methods, and above all else, quantitative outcomes in terms of ROI together with external and intra-organizational branding influences.

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Client experience strategy forms the basis for formulating the activities and the measures at all points of digital interaction with the target audience. At all meeting
points throughout all marketing channels, there is a need for a clear approach and orientation to the set of identities and behaviors of the target audience.

Congruence between the characteristics of the target audience and the characteristics of the brand, the company, the organization, is a vital element for creating an interactive experience that is unique and authentic, providing added digital value to the client.

At the base of the strategy lie the design and definition of a vision, of objectives, goals, and opportunities in the digital marketing world, aimed at maximizing the benefits of the organization.

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